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The stretchiest (and easiest) cast on and bind off There are many elegant and stretchy ways to start and end knitting, and particularly, ribbing. Among these are.The knitted cast on is easy to do, especially if you already know how to make a knit stitch. This is a good all-purpose cast on and creates a stretchy edge to your work.Knitting Instructor. To end your knitting, you must bind off (a.k.a. cast off in some circles). and voila - stretchy bind-off.

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Bind Off Basics (Originally. Let’s say you’ve now used that knowledge to cast onto your knitting loom and have worked your. yet very stretchy edging.

Cast-On and Bind-Off; Colorwork;. Love of Crochet’s 5th Birthday Giveaway!. 3 Lighted Tools – Crochet Hook & Knitting Needles.Knit Purl Hunter, knitting is my passion. Primary Menu. Home; Videos. Do I use a particular bind off with the German Twisted Cast On? Thank you, L. Knit Purl says.

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Jeny's Stretchy Slipknot Cast-On. Strangely I call it the super stretchy rib stitch. Knitting Rose, I'm thinking it has something to do with all those yo's.In double knitting, there are two common approaches to the cast on and the bind off: Use both yarns: Cast on / Bind off using both yarn strands held together using.

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Usually what I do is start with a provisional cast on (if you google if, Knitty has a great tutorial), and then bind of the cast on at the end just like you bind of the actual end of the piece. It's kind of an advanced technique though, so if you don't want to try that, you could try a stretchy bind off (there are a few techniques; I'd watch some YouTube tutorials and find your favorite).

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My favorite stretchy cast on is the knitted on cast on, and there’s a video for it on the free videos tab, just click the cast on button. Technically, no, the bind.German Twisted Cast on/Cast off I'm giving a little 'how to' at our Knitting Guild meeting tonight so I thought I'd. It’s a very stretchy cast on.The knitted cast on or two needle cast on is very simple to learn and is almost identical to knitting the knit stitch. It's like two knitting lessons in one.

A Cable Cast On is a good way to cast on stitches in the middle of your knitting. Often a pattern asks you to be knitting along and then says, cast. stretchy edge.In this tutorial you will learn how to make the backward loop cast. A Backward Loop Cast-On For Your Knitting. to use when you want a stretchy.KNITTED SLEEVELESS SWEATER MATERIAL i hanks (14 pound) light-weight yarn. 1 pair Red Cross Needles No. 3 or Standard Needles No. 7 (amber) or 1 hanks (1 pound) heavy.This cast-on is an accompaniment to Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off. It, too, is surprisingly stretchy. This cast-on is an accompaniment. Knitting Category.The long-tail cast-on is an easy method that results in a firm yet stretchy edge and uses only one of your needles. This cast-on seems to have a lot of steps, but.Super-Stretchy Cast On Ideal for ribbed edges. This cast on does not work well for nubby or boucle yarns, but is amazing with a smooth yarn on any ribbed edge.

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Making this cast-on in an even gauge creates a stretchy edge that resists curling. Home > Learn to Knit > Knitting Tutorial: Old Norwegian Cast On.This video knitting tutorial will help you learn how to knit the super stretchy slipknot cast on. This method of starting a project is great for ribbing and has an.

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